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The [Comedy] Voice

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Tue, Feb 20, 2018
Tue, Mar 6, 2018
Free Show

The [Comedy] Voice

Think NBC's "The Voice" meets "Last Comic Standing"!

Over 60 up and coming comedians will compete to be on the team of a professional comedian, where they will be coached and compete until we crown a Grand Champion! The winning comedian will become a paid regular at Tacoma Comedy Club! Come support your favorite, and laugh at the stars of tomorrow.

The coaches are Adam Norwest (Winner of CMT's Next Big Comic), Cory Michaelis (Buzzfeed), Andrew Rivers (Fox's Laughs), Erin Ingle (Comedy Central)! The show will be hosted by the very funny Bo Johnson! Do not miss this!

Show Schedule:

Tuesday, November 7th

  • Round 1 (20-25 comedians perform stand-up. The 4 coaches try and get comics to be on their "team". Each coach gets 10 total spots on their team.)

Tuesday, November 21st

  • Round 1 (20-25 different comics)

Tuesday, December 5th

  • Round 1 (20-25 different comics)

Tuesday, December 19th

  • Round 2 (Each coach sets comics up head to head, and they perform, and the coach picks a winner. Each coach is allowed one "steal". At the end of this round each team will have 6 comics left.

Tuesday, January 2nd

  • Round 2 (with the other 20 comics)

Tuesday, January 16th

  • Round 3 (The comics under each coach will randomly be put into two teams of 3. Each comic performs a set, and the coach picks which group of 3 moves onto the next round. Two judges have their full teams compete each night of Round 3.)

Tuesday, February 6th

  • Round 3 (other two coaches teams)

Tuesday, February 20th

  • Round 4 (Final remaining 12 comedians all perform, and the audience votes for their favorite 2 comics. The comedians with the 4 lowest scores are eliminated).

Tuesday, March 6th

  • Round 5 (The final 8 comedians perform. The audience votes for their favorite three. The top 3 comedians go into a final battle, where they each perform another set - for the same audience - and the audience picks a final winner.